Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Korean MMO Black Desert allows you to domesticate horses

The upcoming free-to-play Korean MMO Black Desert set the internet on fire a few weeks back when a video of its ridiculously detailed character creation engine made its way to YouTube.

Not content to stop there, the developers posted an equally jaw-dropping environmental trailer shortly thereafter that showed off many of the in-game locations players will be visiting although, curiously, there were no deserts - black or otherwise.

Since then, various PvP and PvE combat videos have surfaced, and they're all pretty impressive, but one other video that snuck in with the bunch shows exactly how Black Desert will handle the complicated process of... horse domestication?

Horse taming, in actuality.

If you jump to the 1:42 mark in the video above you'll see how a player will be able to cajole a horse into being their mount.

The subtitles explain that what's shown is only a portion of the process.  First you'll have to catch a horse with a lasso in a mini-game and then you need to make your way over to the panicky beasty and offer him sugary treats and  vegetables to win its trust.

Do well with this, and you'll get your own steed out of the bargain that you can then saddle with a saddle, custom shoes, and pretty much anything else you can think of slapping on a horse.

Given how complex its character creation and mount acquisition systems are, I'm half expecting the developers to post a 1080p tutorial on "how to get your character to eat breakfast" in the weeks ahead