Thursday, June 26, 2014

Object of geek desire: crocheted Magikarp hat

Ah, Magikarp.

Ever since the Gen 1 Pokemon games, this feckless flopper sat unloved in the dusty boxes of trainers young and old.  Sure, there was the temptation to evolve it into the amazingly badass Gyarados - but one look into the derpy, dead eyes of Magikarp let you know it was going to be a very long, and very embarrassing, climb to level 20.

Thankfully, nostalgia was much kinder to Magikarp than I ever was - and he's become something of a pity mascot for the Pokemon franchise. That trend continues this week, with one of the most elaborate Object of Geek Desires to date.

What you're looking at is an incredibly detailed, hand-crocheted wool Magikarp hat.

Made by the intrepid etsy crafter Coralista, this hat can be worn just about any way you'd like - and can even swallow your head to keep you warm if you'd like.  The hat measures 20" from tail to gaping mouth, and you can even select the color of the 'karp you'd like: regular 'ol orange, or shiny yellow.

Unfortunately, the hat is a made-to-order number - which means it'll take 8-12 weeks to complete before it ships.  Thankfully this means it should be ready right in time for the fall, which is a great time to wear the 'karp out around town.

If the $250 (+$8.00 shipping) of the karp hat is a bit too rich for your blood, Coralista's got a bunch of other knit Pokemon merch available in her shop for a fraction of the price.

The knit Cubone is cute and all, but it'll never trump the unbridled majesty that you'll get with the 'karp hat.