Monday, June 2, 2014

Object of geek desire: infinite RPG dungeon hallway

Who doesn't love a good 'ol fashioned dungeon crawl?

After clearing a room full of goblins, kobolds, and the ilk, there's a certain exhilarating thrill that comes from wandering down a new corridor in both tabletop RPGs and their video game counterparts.

Wouldn't it be great if that crawl could last forever?  It can't, unfortunately, but now the hallways themselves can!

What you're looking at is this week's Object of Geek Desire, the Thinkgeek-exclusive Infinite Dungeon Corridor.

Little more than a gimmicky infinity mirror optical illusion with an undeniably old school D&D aesthetic, the Dungeon Corridor boasts an imposing faux-stone archway and evenly-spaced LED torches placed along its "infinite" length.

Powered by three AA batteries you could even hang this bad boy on any wall that needs some geeking up - but its real potential lies in serving as a boss-fight portal for any mini-based tabletop RPG.

Thankfully, because it comes from Thinkgeek, the Infinite Dungeon Corridor won't cost you a pile of carefully hoarded platinum pieces.  Instead, it can be yours for the princely dukely price of $24.99.

...which still seems a bit expensive for what it delivers, but it is kinda cool in that whole alchemy gothic sort of way.