Monday, June 2, 2014

You do not mess with Luigi in Mario Kart 8

Today's post is going to be short.

Not because I've got anything more pressing going - oh, heaven forbid no.  It's a simple matter of the fact that I spent every free moment this weekend cursing, flailing, and driving my way through Mario Kart 8.

Easily the best - and most challenging - installment of the series to date, any number of critics could give you plenty of reasons why you should consider picking up a Wii U for this outing alone.

But what this critics might not prepare you for is exactly how much of a stone cold killer Luigi is.

This clip comes from the post race Highlight Reel - a nifty new feature that adds a bit of slo-motion close-ups and narrative to build a story around key events in a race.  It also, apparently, is good for exposing the murderous rage that hides behind an unassuming mustache.

Jesus - that stare goes on forever.

Methinks the green guy might be having some issues letting that whole "Year of Luigi" thing end gracefully...