Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here's one Legend of Zelda hoodie you'll happily wear in public

Full disclosure: this isn't the first hoodie inspired by The Legend of Zelda that I've posted here, but I'm returning to the topic since many found the neon green hue and fun-sized plush sword of the first one to be a bit too cartoonish for their tastes.

It was fine to wear around a con, maybe, but it wasn't quite up to snuff for the sartorially minded.  Those Links-about-town looking for a more refined Zelda hoodie that was stylish enough to wear out to a bar, after-hours work function, or distant cousin's wedding were left wanting more.

Well now, they shall want no more!

What you're looking at is the side profile of Etsy crafter SixOnClothing's amazing Legend of Zelda (with SHIELD and BELTS) hoodie.  More Twilight Princess than Wind Waker in its appearance and inspiration, its subdued, forest-green hue and chocolate brown accents say, "I've rescued a princess or two in my time, but I've also got a 401K and some other boring adult things going on."

Even with its undeniable air of refinement, there are still those who might find the hoodie's shield a bit too ostentatious - so, happily, SixOnClothing offers a much more subtle plain version that still looks suitably Link-ish thanks to its windsock hood.

The downside is that the style of this Zelda hoodie comes at a price - $120 for the deluxe version (with shield and belts) and a much more modest $60 for the plain green, brown, and white version.  Both will only set you back $9.00 in shipping and require four weeks of lead time.

If you've got a few extra rupees lying around and don't mind waiting a month or so for your hoodie, this is definitely a hoodie for - and by - the discriminating Zelda fan.