Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now you can build your own Hobbit house for under $2,000

Way back when, an enterprising crafter took to Etsy selling a chicken coop in the shape of a hobbit house.  This was certainly an object of geek desire... but it was only really something that those who owned chickens - or perhaps a pack of chihuahuas - would ever really lust after.

Well, now that same Etsy crafter is back - and this time they're offering a hobbit home for more than just your chickens.

What you're looking at is an incredibly cute Hobbit Hole Playhouse Kit by returning Etsy artist Hobbit Holes.

Billed as an "imaginative" playhouse that'll give "the young ones in your life a space for endless hours of creative play", this ready-to-build hobbit hole is made of locally milled wood and can feature live edge cedar clapboard roofing as an upgrade.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that actually means... but I do know that it makes the roof look incredibly cool.  The inside of the hobbit hole measures a spacious 4' x 8' and the center clearance is about 56" (4'8"), making it - unfortunately - a bit too snug for most adults.

The happy side to this is that the Playhouse Kit is relatively cheap, and will only set you back $1,595.00 for the base model (plus $495 for shipping).  So, in other words, if you can justify the cost of a modest European vacation for a kid's playset, this geektastic lawn decoration is pretty much the only playhouse your kids - or vertically challenged friends - will ever need.