Monday, July 28, 2014

This Fire Emblem engagement ring box lets the whole world know who your S-Support is

Ever since it tore onto the 3DS last year, the truly excellent turn-based RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening has inspired hundreds of thousands of players around the world to sink hundreds of hours into its deep and immersive world.

Part of the draw to Awakening is its tactical combat component - which is incredibly awesome, by the by - but many players found that the fleshed out relationship system was the best part of the game. While earlier Fire Emblem titles had proto-relationships that allowed two characters to grow closer to one another and back each other up on the battlefield, Awakening pushed this a step further and let two characters get full-on married.

This, as you might imagine, spawned a great waifu debate on the internet, but it also spawned what could be the greatest, geekiest, multi-mediaist engagement yet to date.

This above creation is the work of redditor PrionBacon, who chatted about Fire Emblem during his first date with his now fiancée (geek love is a marvelous thing!) and it's a marvel of 3D-printed technology built to resemble the 3DS incarnation of the plot-pivotal Fire Emblem itself.

What really sets the box apart, however, is the amount of detail PrionBacon put on the inside.

The screen of the box is an old HTC Incredible which is displaying a custom photoshop of Awakening's relationship screen.  The two characters in question - mockup avatars of PrionBacon and his girlfriend - are sitting at the A-Rank of support, and are just one press of the A-button away from becoming S-Rank husband and wife.

Obviously, this box is a one-of-a-kind item... but if you're interested in seeing how it was made, you can check out the comprehensive gallery over at PrionBacon's imgur gallery.