Wednesday, August 13, 2014

These Cave Story statues are cuter than 10,000 mimigas

Way back in 2004, Japanese indie developer Daisuke Amaya released the original version of Cave Story on an unsuspecting world as a freeware PC game.

Created as a love letter to classic 8-bit games like Metroid, Cave Story quickly built up its profile online and developed a rabid fan following both in Japan and the west. Inevitable ports, enhanced versions (Cave Story+), and 3D enhanced versions soon followed - but the simple adventure story of two robots trying to save a world full of adorably helpless creatures remained unchanged.

Now, thanks to a crafty soul on Etsy, you can own these two self-same robots.

...or, y'know, 15" high wood and acrylic replicas of the two.

What you're looking at are the handy work of The GothelfBrosStudios - a pair of handmade statuettes of intrepid robot heroes Quote and Curly Brace.  These non-movable marvels stand at a bit over a foot high and, like so much a teal platypus, they don't really do much.  What they do do, however, is look adorable - and it's kind of a shame that they're not smaller. They'd make for an awesome wedding cake topper.

Anyway, like Curly and Quote, these two robots are destined to remain apart and you must order them separately.  Each will set you back the not-inconsiderable sum of $119.95 (+$19.95 shipping), which means the matched pair will set you back about $280.00 when all's said and done.

Expensive?  Sure, but there are few better options out there for making your Cave Story-loving friends insanely jealous.