Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't be a fool - get your emper-ass in gear and check out these Zelda tarot cards

Way back in May - which feels like it was forever ago - I posted about an eye-catching set of Legend of Zelda-themed tarot cards.

They were admittedly pretty nifty (how can you not like that card art for The Moon?), but limited as a functional deck since the artist only whipped up cards for the major arcana.

Those of you who didn't go through a goth phase in high school might not understand why that's a big deal, but it basically works out to trying to play a round of blackjack with a deck made up only of face cards.

Seems like a problem, right?

Well, not so much any more - the artist behind the cards stopped by to say that she's officially dealing with full decks now.

What you're looking at looking at is a full, 78-card tarot card deck that's completely decked out with some of the greatest hand-drawn Zelda art to grace a fortunetelling table.

But Etsy seller Pixel Perks isn't just offering the deck on its own - she's tossed in a few neat extras like 9 information cards and 3 blank cards for you to festoon with your own art if, for some reason, you'd prefer to have Midna stand in for Princess Zelda as The Empress.

The full deck will set you back $40 (+$5 for shipping), but if you're tempted to go à la card carte you can buy either the major arcana or minor arcana separately for $20 each.

No matter what you decide to do, you should absolutely check the minor arcana out since Pixel Perks didn't skimp on the art for the "lesser" cards. There's some great Wind Waker designs going on in that set, although I personally would've put Tingle on the Devil card myself.