Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Dragon Quest slime nightlight makes it cool to be afraid of the dark again

Fans of Square Enix's Dragon Quest RPG franchise are dealing with a double dose of bad news this week.

First, Siliconera reported from PAX that SE isn't too optimistic about bringing Dragon Quest VII to the 3DS-owning audeince in the west - and then Sony announced a special edition Metal Slime PlayStation 4 exclusive to Japan to go along with the release of Dragon Quest Heroes.

Sucks all around to disciples of Erdrick in the west, right? Well, yeah - it kinda does... but there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

And it's this incredibly cute, undeniably geeky, Dragon Quest nightlight.

Taking its inspiration from the iconic slimes which have engendered everything from steamed buns to super-exclusive restaurants in Japan, this nightlight chases away all the boojums and terrors of a dark room with the a placid, reassuring smile.

Better still, its modest height of ~8" makes it easy to fit into any room's decor - although it's probably designed to be a super sweet desk / entertainment center accessory.

Normally at this point, I tack on an "unfortunately..." that has to do with shipping restrictions or ridiculous prices - but this adorable little lamp only costs $19.90 over at with shipping costing somewhere around $12 (depending on how impatient you are) to the US.

Sure, that bring the total for a single lamp to $40 when all is said and done - but what the hell else were you going to spend that $40 on anyway? Not Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS, that's for damn sure!