Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Final Fantasy XIV's Garuda looks even better in Lego

Now this is a feat of inspired bricksmanship!

While Garuda has been in the Final Fantasy franchise for quite some time now, "it" didn't become a curiously hot "she" until the summoner job sneaked its way into Final Fantasy XI back in 2006.  Gone was Garuda's mythologically accurate angry, bird form and in its place was a long-legged, red-eyed feathery green avian with a suspiciously curvaceous body. 

Also, it had boobs. No idea why a bird would need those but - well - there they were.

Anyway!  Fast forward to two years ago, and the fan-favorite fowl flapped her way over to Square Enix's other MMO - Final Fantasy XIV - in a suitably dramatic fashion, sporting a new set of hooves and an extra pair of wings.

But serving as an instanced raid boss for yet another MMORPG just wasn't enough for fans of the green, gale-gliding gull gal - they wanted more.  Specifically, they wanted to put Garuda on their desks. And now, thanks to a rather talented lego artist, they can do just that.

What you're looking at is the drool-inducing handiwork of Mike Nieves, who built this semi-articulated statute entirely out of Lego system bricks as a custom commission project.  It's actually the second FFXIV-inspired piece he's done, as it turns out, with his earlier work being a rather impressive female Miqo'te.

Unfortunately, Nieves didn't disclose the price that either client paid for their commissions - but he did include an email address if you'd like to get in touch with him for a custom piece of your own: Retinence [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you'd like to see what else he has to offer (a bitchin' Protoman, Leafeon, Ultralisk, and Charizard among many, many others), head on over to his Flickr and take a gander.