Friday, November 14, 2014

Say 'I choose you!' in style with this Pokemon engagement ring

A little over a year ago, the internet was teased with an image of a pretty sweet Pokemon-themed engagement ring.

I say "teased" because the shop in question was suspended shortly after the ring went viral, and so legions of disappointed, diehard Pokemon fans had to turn to other, geeky ideas for their engagement rings.

Thankfully, these fans won't be disappointed any longer - provided they have about $2,000 to spare and aren't opposed to the idea of a cubic zirconium ring.

What you're looking at is the, ahem, "Having a ball and holding a ball" ring which does a pretty great job of replicating the signature look of the iconic white and red Pokeball design without actually mentioning the word Pokemon anywhere in its description (which is smart).

Created by the insanely talented Paul Michael Designs - whom you might remember for their R2-D2 and TARDIS themed engagement rings - this ring is pretty much everything an out-and-proud Pokemon fan would dream of being proposed to with.

The only catch is that the eyecatching piece of jewelry doesn't come cheap.  $1,850 (which is pretty darn reasonable by engagement ring standards) nets you the ring above cast in 14k white gold and set with cubic zirconia.  Adding diamonds to the mix jumps the price to $3,975, whereas opting for platinum over gold puts you in the $4,200 (CZ) to $5,120 (diamond) range.  On the upside, shipping will only set you back about $10 or so regardless of what configuration you choose.

Some might see this ring as tacky, but these sad people will never know the joy of catching a shiny, breeding a perfect IV Gothitelle, or finding someone to share in - or at least accommodate - your geeky passion for turn-based RPGs.