Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's all about honesty and sex cutscenes - how to deal with NPCs in an RPG

It's a good thing my New Year's resolution wasn't to keep up with this site more often because, jeebus would I have failed *hard*.

Thankfully, the majority of what's been eating my time away from Kawaiian Punch has been (mostly) good stuff - almost all of it going by the name Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is what today's post is sort of about.

The truly excellent folk over at the equally excellent YouTube channel Saving Throw put out a brilliant short this week that shows what would happen if RPG characters were 100% honest with one another. While most of the humor resonates the hardest with anyone who's ever played a Bioware game, there's plenty of PC vs NPC schtick to appeal to fans of other RPGs (tabletop or otherwise) in the two and a half minutes below.

Ok so maybe they hit the joke about the sex cutscene a little too hard... but this pretty much sums up 80% of my NPC interactions thus far in Inquisition.

...with everyone but Solas, because - seriously - fuck that guy.