*Are you affiliated with Hawaiian Punch?
Not in the least, nor is the name of the site derived from that sugar-laden beverage.  The name of this site comes from the Japanese word for cuteness, kawaii and the English word for punch, punch.

*Do you do all of the writing for Kawaiian Punch yourself?
I do, except where a post is tagged as "Guest Post".  There aren't any now, so don't bother looking.

*Do you write anywhere else?
Yes, I'm currently writing for a mobile/handheld-focused gaming site, but I'm shy about linkage so you'll just have to trust me on this one.

*You've been around since 2004 but no one comments on your posts. 
First, that's not a question... and secondly, I've been at this since 2001 on various platforms and sites but finally decided toward the tail end of 2010 to move everything to my own little home on the internet.

*Can I recommend a post for you?
I'd rather that you do not.  Although I'm always looking for ideas of what to write on, if I use your idea - and through some miracle wind up making money off of it - there are potentially un-fun legal issues to deal with.

*Can I hire you to write something for me?
I'm always available for sideprojects, columns, event coverage and the like.  Email me (matt[at]kawaiianpunch[dot]com) to discuss the specifics!

*Can I quote you on my blog/facebook/twitter/wedding vows?
Yes, although proper attribution and citation is appreciated.  

*How did you get your start with blogging?
The answer to this is the answer to why I do so many stupid things in life: a girl.  She had a Livejournal and I didn't.  She created one for me so that I could read her posts and the rest - like so much that relationship - is history.

*If I find you on Facebook, can we be friends?
If you want to like Kawaiian Punch on Facebook, then by all means go nuts.  Tell your friends too!  As for me, personally, the answer is most likely no, unless I know you in real life and even then it's not a given.  I recently went through an extremely therapeutic purge of my Facebook friends and am happy to have the count below 300.

*What's your favorite type of tea?
Lapsang Souchong.  It tastes like burning in all the right ways.

*Are you really a breast-obsessed, philandering sexist?
No.  Please read the About Page for an explanation of general humor for this site.

*Will you link to my blog?
Probably not, unless I find it relevant or you contact me first with something other than "will you link to my blog?".

*Do you make a living doing this?
Sort of!  I'm now a professional freelance writer, which is a terrifying vocation I never thought I'd wander into.

*What engine is your page built on?
That should be fairly obvious, but it's built on a modified Blogger template.  I've removed much of the Blogger branding on the site since I found it unduly obtrusive but here is my official capitulation and thank you to Blogger for providing such a powerful and customizable tool.

*Did you design the banner graphic yourself? 

No, that was designed custom for this site by Paul Davies who has pretty sane rates and does awesome work.  Also, he can be emailed at peri_peri_boy_uk AT hotmail.co.uk 

*What sort of computer do you use? 
A MacBook Pro (I am not a Mac guy, but PCs no longer do it for me)